150729 Break

I think I definitely need a well deserved break from work, home, just about everything. I am sick and tired of work and customers and people around me. Whatever they do just annoys the heck out of me and I sometimes feels like they just irk me without any intentions actually. I know there are times when you suddenly feel like you want to be just away from everybody and everything and that is what I am undergoing right now.

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150725 Bad week

This week has been everything but happy-go-lucky for me. Even the computer is going against me /sigh. (I seriously need to go buy a new one). Anyways, have been trying to not let people and things get to me, but the strained feeling I have here on my shoulder tells me otherwise. Been stressing without knowing. Should go relax or something but I know that is not going to happen any soon. Listening to music should've helped, but seemed to be immune to it

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150721 Sick and annoyed

I think me getting sick is coming back. Surprisingly, I had been clearly healthy for a year or two after getting sick every time way before 2013. And I have a feeling it is coming back again. >_< Ugh, I hate the stuffy feeling in my nose and the dry coughing adn stuff like that. Hate it! Why can't it go away and leave me be?

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150719 Sunday aka Rest day

Meh, woke up pretty late today, around 8.30 AM. Was pretty knocked out yesterday. Been really tired I couldn't even watch a couple of OP episodes. I do have to say I have a lot of progression with watching OP though. Managed to watch till over episodes 125. Fighting! Still 575+ episodes to go. Waahhaha LOL

Ok, there a couple of things I have to throw out, which I have been keeping inside me and I don't think I can keep it in anymore.
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150711 Weekend Zumba time

Another weekend again. The week has passed pretty alright to me. Nothing really extraordinary happened or anything. I just felt tired the whole time and with the cold weather suddenly changing to hot weather has taken its toll in a way. Feel extremely exhausted and annyoed at just being warm the whole time. Guess I don't really like it when I sweat. I bet no one likes to feel sweaty, even if it's just for a moment. Nowadays we people are so used to aircon and cannot live without it. I can say I cannot live without it, because I have realized that my body get less rashes when I am in an airconditioned room or environment. I have a too sensitive skin hence the reason why I like to be in an airconditioned place.

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150705 Sunday

Oh, it's WEEKEND~~, feeling all great right now, because I have no work. Haha, I should not mind to have work actually, but of course when I have free time, I should spend it to the extent, right?

Off topic, I am suddenly into EXO's EXODUS song. It has a catchy tone! I like it. (psst, Kai mentioned is one of the recent songs he like in the EXODUS album. I feel so happy *__*)

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150703 Newest Playlist

It's 2015 and I have noticed I am already 10+ years into Kpop and every time my favourite songs and boybands/singers/girlband change along the way. Hahaha... maybe I should make a list of the past years of which ones were my favourites, but I have to make the list first before I can post it here.

However, for now, I have some in my mind and I would like to share it here:

EXOCollapse )MAMA -2012Collapse )

XOXO - 2013Collapse )

WOLF - 2013Collapse )

BABY DON'T CRY - 2014Collapse )

HEART ATTACK - 2013Collapse )

Of course there are other from the album, but these are the main ones I really like.

The most recent ones are these:
EXOCollapse )CALL ME BABY- 2015Collapse )

LOVE ME RIGHT - 2015Collapse )

And then there is another boyband: BTS
BANGTAN BOYSCollapse )BOY IN LUV - 2014Collapse )

JUST ONE DAY - 2014Collapse )

DANGER - 2014Collapse )

LET ME KNOW - 2014Collapse )

MISS RIGHT - 2014Collapse )

I NEED U - 2015Collapse )

WAR OF HORMONE - 2014Collapse )

N.O. - 2013Collapse )

150630 End of the Month

It's already the end of the month and we are going to next month. /sigh Time really flies by really fast. What should have been a great day to look out to turned to anything but. Annoyed as hell. And then there is my boss claiming to have heard something else while I asked him something else. Note to self: NEVER ASK, WRITE DOWN!

Trying to calm down by listening to songs:

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150528 Rainy Days

It's almost the end of the month and a new one is going to start next week, so soon~

So, haven't been updating this journal, because of lack of new experiences and what not. I can only say there is one thing happening and that is having stress the whole time. I don't really want to stress too much, but I stress without knowing and worry a lot. /sigh And with everyday rain, it even brings my mood more down than it already is. We are in a rainy period, so no suprise that it is raining everyday. TBH, I like the rain when I am at home, all cozy and without having to worry about anything else :)

Trying to keep myself busy with other things, but I find myself lacking the joy in doing it :( However, there is one thing I am looking forward to and that is my friend's is due to one of these days. She should be having her baby today, but maybe he wants to come out a little later than due. Wishing her a lot of luck and hopefully I get to see her son soon :)