150711 Weekend Zumba time

Another weekend again. The week has passed pretty alright to me. Nothing really extraordinary happened or anything. I just felt tired the whole time and with the cold weather suddenly changing to hot weather has taken its toll in a way. Feel extremely exhausted and annyoed at just being warm the whole time. Guess I don't really like it when I sweat. I bet no one likes to feel sweaty, even if it's just for a moment. Nowadays we people are so used to aircon and cannot live without it. I can say I cannot live without it, because I have realized that my body get less rashes when I am in an airconditioned room or environment. I have a too sensitive skin hence the reason why I like to be in an airconditioned place.

Invited my sister to come over and dance on the Zumba. It's fun to do it. Been dancing on it for an hour or something and my feet are totally numb now from all the strain and stuff. Hahaha <3 I don't know what she feels, but I feel like I don't have legs anymore. Cannot stand up straight and only want to rest my legs now. It's actually my 4th time playing it, or the third, I am not so sure anymore... got used to someo fo the dance moves, but the new ones are like >_>.... my limbs go everywhere opposite than given by the game. Hahaha

It does make me wonder how stars dance and such, especially them boybands and girlbands, with a lot of difficult choreography and all. I have to give them credit for giving us a really great show, especially when they are like giving concerts and stuff like that. They deserve our standing ovation, I tell you. It is a good work-out though, so you can burn some calories and all. I just have to find my rhythm and follow it, make my body move to the sound of the music and not just move on command or like copying it.

On top of that, I have to say that while stars dance and sing at the same time, I really cannot do two things at the same time. /applause It's really hard to make everything move along and sing at the same time. How do they even do that? Easy, practice, is what they say. Going to work hard on trying to lose some weight, even though I don't have much weight to lose, because I have a healthy weight. :D I used to be underweight and well, I got sick easily, therefore... I don't think I'd like to have that happen again. On the contrary too, not trying to get fat either. Don't want that. I have to have a healthy weight not get any fatter or thinneer. FIGHTING!

A few years back my ears caught this song and I got to watch the MV. I remember my eyes getting all moist because of the contents. I really have to say it's so sad and not hard to understand what the song is telling you in Thai (Tagalog). I don't understand the language, but just watching the video had made me cry silently. A reminder to cherish our loved one who tries to do everything for the sake of yourself and do everything back for the other. Appreciate the other and be there when he/she needs a shoulder to cry on and also share your part of thoughts when the other offers a listening ear.
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