150719 Sunday aka Rest day

Meh, woke up pretty late today, around 8.30 AM. Was pretty knocked out yesterday. Been really tired I couldn't even watch a couple of OP episodes. I do have to say I have a lot of progression with watching OP though. Managed to watch till over episodes 125. Fighting! Still 575+ episodes to go. Waahhaha LOL

Ok, there a couple of things I have to throw out, which I have been keeping inside me and I don't think I can keep it in anymore.

Work has to be done and yet sometimes I feel like I am not in the mood to do it. With my lady boss outside the country, everything has sort of changed a bit. Not that it was a whole lot different before she left for vacation, it is just the aura seemed to be more different. Somethings were bearable and more tolerable. But with her now gone, it has been quite stressing from time to time. Especially when the boss isn't in the mood and his kids are more like disobedient and not willing to lend a hand even though they know their mom isn't there.

There are times when I really feel rushed, because without someone capable of doing the talking with customers outside is a bit inconvenient, especially if the customer's requirements are difficult and more demanding. And without someone backing me up, I feel like I am rushing to go do this and that and can barely breathe. Of course, I have to know how to juggle more than one task, but things like going to the restroom is like nearly impossible to juggle that with something else. Because, if you wanna go, you go. There is nothing you can do about it, lest you want to get sick because of not giving into nature.

Making new friends and leaving old ones. In life there is always this one problem: you don't always have the luck to keep your old friends till death. I am one of them people who suffers from this saying. From old experiences, I know how it feels when you just made a new friend and you think you can keep this one forever, but end up the opposite of it. It hurts, a lot. I have experienced this multiple times and sometimes wonder where the problem lies. I did try to do a little research on myself and found it either people's character changes and doesn't go along with mine or it's just because I am more old fashioned and tend to be more introvert than extrovert, so it's actually no one's fault that some of the friends end up leaving or don't know me anymore. With other words, I haven't left any good impressions for them to recognize me next time I see them.

Luckily, I do have to say that there are some I have looked up and we kind of started to become more closer with each others and share a lot of thoughts, decisions and exchange a lot of experiences with each other. I have decided to keep and cherish these more and of course do my best not to fall back to my previous bad habits of pushing people away.

To some certainty I have noticed that I am more of a cold, aloof person and I tend to give off the stay-away-from-me vibe, hence why people don't really approach me that easily to get to know me more and like how I judge people, they judge me too. Not that that is a new thing, sometimes it irks me. But from what I have learned people will always judge no matter what. I just have to become a more better person and send off more positive vibes instead of negativity. FIGHTING!