150705 Sunday

Oh, it's WEEKEND~~, feeling all great right now, because I have no work. Haha, I should not mind to have work actually, but of course when I have free time, I should spend it to the extent, right?

Off topic, I am suddenly into EXO's EXODUS song. It has a catchy tone! I like it. (psst, Kai mentioned is one of the recent songs he like in the EXODUS album. I feel so happy *__*)

Back to topic again. /Ahem
So, I need to spend it till the extent while I still can, because there are friends of mine who are already mothers and they sometimes find it hard to not have free time. Having kids means sacrificing your freedom and what not. This make me think of a conversation earlier this morning. A friend of mine said she wanted to go out and watch a movie with her husband, but can't because of her child. Of course she doesn't want people to talk about how she just leaves her kid with other people and go out have fun. One of the down point of having a kid. But, then again having her kid is not a regret, because she loves him and will do everything for him. Perks of being a mom. Hahah

It does become annoying at times, especially when the kid doesn't want to listen to you and does things opposite what you dislike, but cannot be helped. Another friend of mine mentioned that she doesn't really wish for 1, because she has already underwent that phase. Her little sister being the cause of it. She and her little sister literally have an age gap from over 20 years and because her mother had to do other stuff, she was the one who had to suffer and look after her sister. At some point, I kind of understand why she doesn't want a kid.

As for me, I have never liked kids and all, but sometimes I find myself wondering if it would hurt to actually have one. Then there are times I find myself wanting one, but don't have one yet. Not that I want to put any haste or anything, but there are pressure coming from left and right and it's making me depressed, stressed and scared at the same time. I really do want to try my best and bear one, but when the time hasn't come, I cannot do anything about it, right? But, when there are things said to me about the whole thing not being pregnant yet, then I start to wonder if there seriously is something wrong with me. I know there are people who get pregnant very fast, but there are others who take a longer time and cannot even become pregnant, because of certain reasons. The last one being the reason why I start feeling scared. I need to think positive and hope for the better to come. A little miracle will happen one day. I just know that. No need to doubt.

Ok, aside from this topic, there are times when I really should praise myself for being lucky where I am, because after hearing my friends' side of their stories about how they are treated and what not, mine is more flexible and doesn't demand a whole lot from me. I feel blessed with that.

credits: Mrjotaman source: YOUTUBE

credits: errr87, source: YOUTUBE

There are a couple of Taeyang's songs that I find really fun to listen to.