150721 Sick and annoyed

I think me getting sick is coming back. Surprisingly, I had been clearly healthy for a year or two after getting sick every time way before 2013. And I have a feeling it is coming back again. >_< Ugh, I hate the stuffy feeling in my nose and the dry coughing adn stuff like that. Hate it! Why can't it go away and leave me be?

I know when people say that you're sick you have to rest and all, but I simply seem to be more of the opposite. /sigh And when I am sick, it comes along with me getting annoyed with just about everything and everyone. It seems like everything around me is irritating or people pick this time to make me annoyed or angry. I don't even know why I am feeling this way. I just think it's annoying I can barely breathe through one of my nostrils and have to make myself understandable, because it seemed like I speak less understandable when I am sick. /sigh

I really don't want to whine or complain to others about this, because it's not going to bring me anywhere and it just doesn't change at all. This is just part of me. All I want is to have a good night's sleep and rest without getting disturbed.

In terms of doing householding, I get even more annoyed when I am sick and am obligated to do work like cooking and cleaning up. Not that it is a new thing or something I don't do. Just that sometimes there are things that could've been done earlier without having to wait for me to finally get to it when I get home. I have a sister-in-law who has two kids and is a mom and doesn't go out working.

IMO, they tend to give her less chores to do compared to me. Even though, she as a mom should know when to do what as a mom and when to do what as a daughter-in-law. From what I see, they don't bother telling her anything anymore, because she simply doesn't listen anymore and she does whatever she wants. All her work is just for her two kids and that's it. There are no additional work she does, not even cooking.

Sometimes I wonder why she cannot do the work she could've gotten them done before I came back. I guess, it's either laziness or work should be done by me instead. Every time when I want to do something and her things are in the way, I am the one to clear it up for her. It makes ma angry that she doesn't do the same for me, not even once! I cannot imagine myself at home doing nothing but look at a kid, seriously. When I have a kid, I'd probably wouldn't be treated like a princess compared to her.

And another thing, since they know I am capable of cooking, it automatically became my job to do part of the cooking when mother-in-law is away. I am not saying I don't want to help her, but just that sometimes I find it unfair that I am the one to do the work whilst the other doesn't even have to such things. /sigh

I know comparing to her is not a good thing, because she has like 2 assets and I don't, but IMO it's no reason to not do the regular house work. ARGH! I want to scream out loud or kill someone right now, but sadly cannot. /sigh